Blocky Window Pane Glass - Vinyl Wall Decals


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Amazing Blocky Window Pane Pack Vinyl Wall Decals.

This is such a fun product to add to any window. These are indoor vinyl strips that make it look like your window is a blocky type window.  Simply apply these diagonal strips to the inside of the window just like the picture.  In this pack, you get 4 strips of four blocks and 3 strips of three blocks and 4 strips of 2 blocks.

The strips are removable and reusable. These are not sticky stickers, they are high quality vinyl. They won't leave residue when you take them off.

A single order is enough for 2 sets of a window pane. (11 strips)

- White diagonal strips
- Removable/reusable
- High quality vinyl

Note: Only the glass white strips (frame not in the decal)

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