Blocky Wood Flat Blocks 2 - Vinyl Wall Decal


SKU: 12609

This blocky wood square can be used to tile around our doors. It's perfect for any bedroom that you decorate in the Minecraft style.  Applies right to painted drywall and looks great. It takes 7 blocks to completely surround a door.  Some choose to put just two blocks on either side of the door. Both options look great.  See the example image attached.

- Incredibly high printed resolution
- 3 sizes to choose from
- Removable/Reusable

This is part of our Blocky Collection and is inspired by games that use this style of graphics.

Sizing Grid to Surround a Door
- for doors that are 48 by 24; use 7 of the 24 by 24 block below
- for doors that are 36 by 18; use 7 of the 18 by 18 block below.
- for doors that are 24 by 12; use 7 of the 12 by 12 block below.

Note: This is ONE block.  If you want to tile around a door like in the door EXAMPLE picture, you need 7 blocks.